Online Nutrition Plans 



Dawn is a Chattanooga-based certified personal trainer and licensed sports nutritionist. She specializes in creating custom, online nutrition and fitness programs with proper education on how to nourish your body from within; without the need for restrictive dieting and helping my clients get to the root of what is holding them back from success. Having coached nearly 500 clients from all over the world this year alone, Dawn has successfully helped transform the lives of her clients with programs and recipes developed that entire families can enjoy and not feel like they are on a diet, but rather, meals that can help create a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating.

Dawns' fitness and nutrition clientele ranges anywhere from someone who is just looking to shed some unwanted weight, Olympic athletes, celebrity models, corporate executives, to IronMan athletes and Boston Marathon qualifiers looking to improve their times with their next race. She believes that knowing how to properly fuel your body while at rest or at play is the key to your success.


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